UNGASS 2021 – A first (or last) timer?

A ground-breaking event, (non-)business as usual, or a missed opportunity? A brief synopsis and analysis of the Special session of the United Nations General Assembly against corruption 2021 (UNGASS 2021), shining a special light on ­provisions addressing the private sector.
Von Mag. Martin Kreutner MSc
30. August 2021 / Erschienen in Compliance Praxis 3/2021, S. 36
In the international, multilateral arena it is broadly recognized that “corruption is a local and a transnational phenomenon that affects all societies and undermines economies, making international cooperation to prevent and combat it essential.”1 Furthermore, there is consensus that preventing and countering corruption and illicit financial flows as well as recovering and returning confiscated assets can contribute to effective resource mobilization, poverty eradication, sustainable develop...

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